Learn Quran Tafseer

Learn Quran Tafseer

Learn Quran Tafseer

The Online Quran Tafseer Course at Elearning Complex is a comprehensive program that offers students a thorough understanding of the Quranic text and its interpretation. The course starts with an overview of Tafseer, which is the study of the meanings and explanations of verses in the Quran. Students will be taught about various methods and approaches used in Tafseer, as well as their importance in comprehending Allah’s message.

What Is Tafseer 

Tafseer refers to the analysis of verses extracted from the Quran, serving as a valuable tool in comprehending their contextual significance, historical background, linguistic intricacies, and theological implications. The Online Quran Tafseer Course provided by Elearning Complex presents an enlightening educational journey tailored for those desiring to delve into the depths of the Quran by exploring its various interpretations.

The primary objectives of our course

The online Quran Tafseer course at Elearning Complex covers a variety of topics to assist students in comprehending and interpreting the Quranic text. Some of the main subjects covered in the course include:

Meaning of verses
Explanation of verses
Shaan-e-Nuzool (Context)
Rabt between Surahs
Explanation of Surahs
Understanding of Rulings
Application of Rulings

Quran Teachers:

Many Quran Academies are providing Quran teaching services according to their schedule and preferences, but our focus is to provide service according to your requirements.We try our best to have experienced and knowledgeable Quran teachers for our students. Quality education is one of our aims.

Male Quran Teachers:

 Male Quran tutors for boys and gents are available online for online Quran Courses. They have skills to communicate and teach Quran online in English, Arabic and other languages with a professional way.

Female Quran Teachers:

 Female Quran tutors for girls and ladies are available online for Quran learning. If you feel difficulty in reading Quran with tajweed and you are looking Quran classes online with a female tutor, then do let us know. We will schedule your Quran classes with our qualified female Quran tutor. We focus on quality education and try our best to have skilled and knowledgeable female teachers for sisters.

Quran Classes Monthly Fee Plans

Class Type: 1 on 1 Live Classes.
Class Duration: 30 Minutes each Session.

Fee is accepted via credit, debit cards Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Classes Plan Classes/Month Fee/Month For 2nd Sibling
5 Classes/Week 20 Classes in Month USD 74 /Month USD 60 /Month
4 Classes/Week 16 Classes in Month USD 62 /Month USD 50 /Month
3 Classes/Week 12 Classes in Month USD 50 /Month USD 40 /Month
2 Classes/Week 08 Classes in Month USD 37 /Month USD 30 /Month

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